Alessandra Catalioti / Frieda besucht den Zoo

Frieda besucht den Zoo

…und macht eine unerwartete Erfahrung

Authors: Anna Ferrari, Wolf Buck

Illustrator: Alessandra Catalioti

Publisher: Tredition

Language: German


A trip to the zoo? Of course! – thinks Frieda the cat. After all, there are lots of happy animals to see at the zoo. But Frieda has no idea that her visit to the zoo will bring her an unexpected experience…

Frieda leads a carefree, free life and she can decide for herself when and where she wants to go. One day, she goes for a walk and comes across an attractive zoo poster. She then visits the zoo and makes the acquaintance of several animals. By talking to the animals, she learns how they feel and that they would rather be at home and free. Each group explains what they miss most about living in the wild.
Frieda gets very thoughtful about what she’s discovered. She thinks about how she can help the prisoners. Then she has an idea…

The book is available here: Tredition