I was born and raised in Pisa in 1980, but I chose Berlin as MY town because of the atmosphere you can breathe in its streets.

I draw, paint and make illustrations since I remember. After my graduation at the Art High School of Lucca, I started looking for my creative dimension and I attended an illustration course with Antonella Canavese and basically she made me what I am today.

I experienced several art techniques and I found in watercolor the one that makes me feel gratified the most. When I lay the watercolour on the page and let it free to move and to mix with other colours on the paper, well… I feel there is something magical behind it. Besides watercolour I like using digital techniques, too. I use them mainly to create collages to eke my illustrations.

In my heart there’s a soft spot for animals. I do devote a lot of my work to animals and animal rights issues.

I love my dog Duccio who inspired me the drawing of the wolf in my personal vision of the fairy tale Little Red Riding Hood. I also love sitting on the rocks in front of the sea, eating spicy food, and squeezing shaggy “mangy” dogs… especially those with white eyebrows and moustaches.

You can find my illustrations on these books
Il Rigoletto, published by Paramica Edizioni/LamaHouse
Giacomino nel villaggio del Silenzio, by Francesco Fabbri and published by ArtEventBook Edizioni
C’era una volta… Rita published by GaAl Edizioni
Cappuccetto Rosso Animalista, self-published
Anselmo & Greta, self-published
Giotto, self-published
Matilde’s Dream, self-published
Frieda besucht den Zoo published by Tredition

I make animals self portraits.

I did illustrations for board games.

As a Graphic Designer you can find my works here: graphic