Alessandra Catalioti / Graphic designing for Vegan Fest

Graphic designing for Vegan Fest

Graphic designing for VEGAN DAYS Fest which includes: Logo design, flyers design, outdoor and indoor designing billboards.

Vegan days are an annual event. Since the first edition I have been taking care of all the advertising material.

The logo came from the idea of combining the image of an apple and a tomato. I recently made a logo restyling, to make it simpler and cleaner.

I also manage all the online and offline advertising material. In particular, the outdoor posters and flyers designs. All the corporate image remembers the colors of nature and wants to convey an idea of celebration, the spirit in which Vegan Days are organized every year.

I designed the indoor posters to promote the Vegan Tattoo Circus. For the graphics and layout of these, I opted for a graphic style reminiscent of the vintage tattoo, so that communication could be immediate, and the visitors could immediately understand the theme.