Alessandra Catalioti / Logo Design SagMe

Logo Design SagMe

SagMe is a company focused on providing Gas and Energy in sustainable manner. Their focus is to preserve the earth by introducing different approaches to traditional markets.

For the company I took care of the logo design. After the briefing, I focused on their goal and on what they wanted to tell through the logo. The mascot in the logo is Norbereto, a little dragon that connects us to the world of the past, where the only energies were natural.

The little drake blows fire to help us warm the earth, our homes, and the production on our farms.  He expresses sustainability and balance. He is pedaling on the surface of the earth, because the company’s aim is to “pedal” along with their customers into the world of sustainable energy that is developing but still in its infancy.

The colors chosen for the logo design want to convey the warmth of the sun, therefore the energy, and sustainability, so warm colors alternate with the green of the little dragon.