Alessandra Catalioti / Logo design #ZEROhackathon

Logo design #ZEROhackathon

–  Logo design for #ZEROhackathon , an event promoted by SIOI UNA Italia

– Designing of 4 characters

– Flyers design

 #ZEROhackathon, is an event promoted by SIOI UNA Italy. The theme of this edition was on Ocean and Poles. I designed the logo of the event, focusing on the word hackaton which is a portmanteau of the words “hack“, (referring to an event that brings together programmers and developers, designers and innovators, experts and problem solvers) and “marathon”. From this I designed a pictogram that was able to express the concept of “marathon of ideas”. Then I created the corporate image of the event.

I then designed 4 characters, each of which represents the thematic areas of the event: 1- Oceans and Marine Protected Areas 2- Marine Management of Pollution 3- Climate Change 4- The Exploitation of Arctic and Antarctic Resources. The event involved youth, so the choice of this graphic style.

Finally, I created the flyers design, intended for online advertising, in which the information on the event could be immediately usable. For the flyers I used the 4 characters of the thematic areas, maintaining consistency in the use of colors.

All the material created is also part of the video made for the event.