Alessandra Catalioti / Anselmo and Greta

Anselmo and Greta

In the marzipan prison


Text: Yuri Leoncini

Idea and illustrations: Alessandra Catalioti

Preface: Sonia Campa

This children’s book wants to convey respect for all animals that should be able to live freely rather than being imprisoned and exploited in intensive farms.

Anselmo and Greta in the marzipan prison is a revisited Grimm’s fairy tale. The two brothers find an inviting little marzipan house, outside there are beautiful animals grazing in a serene atmosphere. But what really lies behind the door? The tale tells a situation where appearance is far removed from reality, just like all the images show us by mass media and on the packaging: happy animals, brightly colored packages, does all this really reflect the reality?

“.. Animals in intensive farms have no choice. You have it, and you can choose to dream a world where animals can enjoy the sun, the wind, just like you do, and living free in nature. Dreaming is free, indeed. The dream is the way to create a new world. “(Sonia Campa)