Alessandra Catalioti / Designing Logo Podere la Pieve

Designing Logo Podere la Pieve

The design of this logo was for the historic countryside residence: Podere la Pieve. This ancient estate is located among the beautiful hills of Volterra to offer guests an amazing stay.

The choice of the High Priestess as the representative image, is related to several factors. First of all, it was decided to use a female figure, since the person who runs this business is indeed a woman, and in the business sector in question, that of land cultivation and entrepreneurship, women are still tied to old stereotypes that do not consider them sufficiently capable of the role. Secondly, the structure from which Podere la Pieve originated was previously a structure owned by the Church. This connection led to the choice of the High Priestess as a woman in papal robes who really existed, but about whom no one speaks and about whom little is known. A partly heretical figure, she redeems the idea of the witch and the woman of power, as well as Mother Earth and pre-Christian cults.

The High Priestess wears a headdress with lunar robes because the moon is the quintessential feminine symbol.

In designing the logo I chose gold-blue colours that convey royalty and, figuratively, the power of what this figure represents.